First of all, have you found the Gordon H. Shephard that you think you have? I guess a picture would help

And now, for a brief Bio:

  • Spewed forth into this great World in Vernon Jubilee Hospital, October 29th, 1968
  • Spent the first 10 years or so in the thrilling village of Lumby
    The Village of Lumby.

    The Major Town event in Lumby is a Logging Festival. I repeat, a logging festival.
  • Did have the advantage of watching my father building a couple subdivisions - not too many people out there that can set a trailer down, put in a septic tank/field, drill and set a Water Well, and, well, do pretty much everything you have to to build a subdivision.
  • Spent far too much time in Pool Halls and around Snooker tables in Vernon for the next three years.
  • Moved to the Exciting Metropolis of Fawn Lake, B.C. - This burgeoning center of culture was only 15 miles away from the City of Lone Butte- Where they cleverly combined the grocery store and gas station into one. School was 35 miles into 100 Mile House. This occupied the next four years of my life. High School was Peter Skene Ogden. Highlight of those four years was destroying a mercury thermometer by leaving it outside one winter. Mercury beads up and separates at -43 degrees celsius. Enough Said there...
  • Got to watch my 4' 11" mother build a two story house by herself. My parents must really have this thing about being independent... ;>
  • From there to Coquitlam College. Lived with three female roomates. There were, well, issues. ;>
  • And Thence To Simon Fraser University
  • Where, after a bit of bouncing around
    Help Desk Attendant for University Students At SFU
    TroubleShooter for (LeBloc)Distributed Computing Support Group (Lots of Coax patching in the student built labs. Gave me great appreciation for Star Networking topologies later in my career)
    Running The Geography Departments Spatial Information Systems Lab (As a Lab Instructor I was required to join the Faculty Association. Hrm.)
    Doing a bit of time as a developer at a GIS Company
    Rolling out Desktop Applications for Hughes Canada
    And even rolling out Windows 95(!) for the City of Richmond
    I ended up at Netscape where we had mcom.bad-attitude and Beer Bashes. I was a Desktop Sys Admin and a Networking Trainee.

  • Next Stop: Probably a little start up called Oblix: .

    Well, that was Fun, onto the Next Startup called Loudcloud: .

    Loudcloud decided they really should be a software company, so now they are Opsware

    And then, in a pretty life changing momentus moment, i decided that it was time for a change. I'm outta here. August 15th, 2003 is my last day and I really don't have the faintest clue what I'm going to be doing....

    Until I ended up at Silver Spring networks in December of 2003. Once again to build the IT infrastructure for a company. This time it should be a little more straightforward...

    Contact Info:
    Gordon H. Shephard
    650 Castro Street, Apt 120-271
    Mountainview, CA
    Cell: 650-454-9358 (updated Jan, 2013)


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